January 27, 2011


I'm a smidge crabby tonight. My back hurts. This morning I went to my regularly scheduled Body Pump class, which I love, and there was a substitute teacher. Which, fine, but she was different, and I like my regular teachers (see: persnickety), and also, despite being Exceedingly Perky, she announced at the beginning of class that we had all better hurry up and get in place and we were getting no breaks because her goal was to do three extra things before class was over. Body Pump usually kicks my ass sufficiently as it is, so I raised my right eyebrow at three extra things.

Thing One was to make us lean up against the wall and hold a squat for like, three minutes - after doing our regular four-minute round of Body Pump squats. Which wouldn't have been so awful, except she made us hold up our arms too, and then do THE WAVE around the room as we held our squat (really?). I mean, it was 6:15 a.m. And we were not at a sporting event.

Thing Two is what I have been holding responsible all day for my sore back. She made us find a partner and do those leg throw thingies where you lay on the floor and your partner stands behind your head and grabs your ankles and pushes your legs to the ground over and over. And if your lower back isn't completely flat to the floor ... well, they can stress your lower back. Needless to say, my form left much to be desired, and my back felt tight and sore all day. I think I also may have implied to my dear friend Ellen, who had the misfortune to be my leg throw partner, that she was too hard on me.

And then I got home tonight, feeling inexplicably murderous and also very hungry, went to pee, and ... oh.

THAT's why my back hurts.

(p.s. I didn't stick around for Thing Three. I always have to leave early on Thursdays because I have to drive my son to school early for Book Club. But today, I was not sad).

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  1. I'm here for ya :-). If it helps, you kicked my ass today! And you'll be glad to know that we never did Thing 3. Whew.