January 24, 2011


Today was one of those I'm-so-busy-I-forgot-to-pee kind of days, which, bladder distress aside, I actually don't mind so much because my work day goes by a lot faster. I took a quick time out in the afternoon to complain on Facebook check my personal email, and look what I found in my inbox, from the clever folks at BlueQ:


I mean, come ON. Soup for Sluts? How can I not order that? But I hate to pay for shipping, and to get to that $75 minimum I might have to add another little something.

Or, wait, no. This: 
it's gum!

I'm sorry. I've ruined the surprise. Now you all know what you'll be getting for Christmas next year (ramen keeps that long, right?).


  1. I wish I had known there was soup for sluts when I was 18. Do you think there are ho-hos for whores?

  2. Beth, have I mentioned you're my favorite commenter? I don't know about ho-ho's for whores, but I'm a fan of tamales for tramps.