April 21, 2011

Breakfast for One

I loved Beth's (who just ran the Boston Marathon!) recent post about doing something every day that scares you.  Not, like, bungy-jumping scare you, necessarily, but something that's intentionally different. Something to shake things up, even if it's just a little jiggle.

I am very happy in my comfort zone. I am often described as "even-keeled." I like my routine, and I get, dare I say, irritable when it's messed with. But I think this is not always good. It's good to be steady and reliable, yeah. But adherence to routine, when taken too far, is how people become cranky old ladies who live in dusty apartments and sit in the same chair day after day, glaring suspiciously at the mailman when he comes at 11:15 instead of 11:30.

I figured I'd try it, starting pretty small - maybe one thing a week? I found an opportunity last Thursday.  Due to family scheduling difficulties, I couldn't go to my early morning workout class, and I was bummed to miss it. So instead, for the first time ever, I went to the evening class (say it with me: ooooh). It was great! There were all new people there. Friendly people! I noticed I had more energy than I do at 6am, so I worked harder, and was sorer the next day. Success.

Then, last weekend, I did something ever so slightly braver. I went out to breakfast by myself. And not the Starbucks drive-through, either, but an actual sit-down restaurant where I had to interact with the server and had no table mate to banter with. Just me. There are some things I enjoy doing by myself, like going to the movies (because I get to sit in the dark and not talk to anyone for two hours, and I don't have to share the candy). I've never liked dining out alone, though - it makes me feel naked and exposed. But I was hungry, and had some time to kill, so I did it. And again, it was lovely. I ate slowly and people-watched out the window, and it was all very peaceful and I felt refreshed afterward.

a third new thing:  breaking out my phone while dining alone to take a photo of my breakfast. hi, weirdo.

What will my next thing be? Perhaps I will break out short shorts and a tube top on the next warm-ish day. I'll let you know how that goes.

How about you?


  1. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you skydive after? Just kidding. I've never been to breakfast by myself. Now I am on a mission to do that.

  2. Were you wearing your earwarmers?? :-)